Tokyo Flashback


Tokyo Flashback:



The Secret World



Solo instance



Player level:

N/a, but the very beginning of the game




My Role and responsibilities:

I was the original designer on this part of the game, having responsabilities such as:

  • Deciding on a vision for the sequence (along with Game Director)
  • Deciding on the setting (along with writers)
  • Deciding on core game mechanics (along with coders)
  • Deciding enemy visuals and animations (along with artists)
  • Designing core gameplay
  • Creating abilities, monster setups, and visual effects (particles)
  • Implementing gameplay and sound
  • Doing some scripting




Design vision:


Tokyo Flashback is the player's very first combat experience in this game, no matter what faction he has chosen.

The intention was to introduce the players to a number of game elements, powers, the whole setting and system - a whole bunch of things, all wrapped up in an intence, action packed sequence leaving the player very little room to reflect but to purely focus on reacting on what's happening around him.


The idea was to give the players a peek into the future (that's why the original name was "Tokyo Future") and all the awesome powers, which would be available to them at a later point in the game.

The gameplay structure in this sequence had to be very tight, as the players were given abilities without having worked up the skills yet to control them - and we didn't want the players to fail.

The trick here was to keep the players in a short leash while giving them the feeling of being super powerful and playing a part in something huge.


They had to feel that they were doing a difference.




Level Description:

The player is introduced to a variety of basic abilities, big-name players of all three playable factions Alex McCall, Rose White, and Mei Ling, a few non-playable factions Council of Venice, the Orochi Group, and the mission system.

Tokyo Flashback, which takes place in the Tokyo metro, is an instance where time is just as important as location and one that all three factions send their members back to: The Dragon via a rendezvous in a hotel room, the Templars come across the Fallen King, and the Illuminati are injected with a serum by a mad scientist. Players come-to in the metro station and quickly begin a conversation with Mei Ling who calls you Sarah while offering the first mission.