Aalii #2303 Just Sold!

Our seller came to us after purchasing this Aalii unit pre-construction and losing her job due to the pandemic. She was running out of cash so she needed to cash out of her investment as high as possible so she could rent for a while and re-enter the housing market when she started working again. How did we do it?

We marketed this property well by taking professional photos, sending postcards throughout the building, and advertising digitally on websites and social media. We were present for every showing so we could present the home in the best light with the AC on. In the end we ended up selling it for $25,000 more than ones in the same stack including 12 floors higher! Strong negotiations and creating a sense of helped us find a motivated cash buyer who was able to close in under 30 days. The market is shifting so it’s important to have a realtor who is going to make the extra effort to get you the price you are looking for.

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