Eaton Square #1110 Just Sold for Full Asking!

Just sold for full asking $420,000! How did we do it? We got several all cash offers around $400,000 or slightly less but they just didn’t seem like serious buyers to me. The unit is old and has deferred maintenance so it seemed like those buyers would have just asked for a lot of credits during inspection to get the price down even lower.

I instructed my seller to stay the course and wait for the right buyer. Just because properties aren’t flying off the shelves anymore doesn’t mean there aren’t motivated buyers out there! It just means it might take a little more time to find the right buyer. So we waited a bit and sure enough 2 new buyers came along and one of them offered full asking but with a home sale contingency. I knew the buyers agent from before and they were far along with their escrow process so I believed in her clients motivation to sell on the mainland and purchase in hawaii. Eventually they closed and we closed.

Cash is not always king, at the end of the day it’s the closing price that determines what proceeds the seller goes home with.

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